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Default Re: Penis Enlargement :(

Originally Posted by underoath12192 View Post
I'm saying things from statistics I'VE heard. I said they barely show any difference. Sorry but it really irritates me when someone feels all their answers are right and feel they must correct anyone who oppses them.
Wow from one post of mine you're so quick to judge me as that kind of person. You make a post with no facts, no charts, no sources, and no proof that such statistics exist. All you go by is 'what you've heard' and that doesn't cut it.

This forum is here to provide truth and facts and if I see someone posting false information I'm going to call him or her out on it. I don't feel all my answers are right; but in your case you are wrong.

It's not about who is right and who is wrong but more of making sure the original poster and anyone who reads this forum is given correct information.
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