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Default F-F-S people.

For fuck sakes VT. I am sick and tired of this nonsense.

At the moment I'm on post moderation- For those who don't know, when you have 4 (I believe) Infraction points you go under 'post moderation'. In all forums with the exception of your diary (if you have one) whenever you post a new thread or just reply, you have to wait until a kind moderator strolls by and approves the content of the post.

Some time back I was frozen, which, I've already made clear how much I disapproved of. I find it especially stupid how I was given a diary just a few days after I had been frozen. Huh. Ain't that nice.

Once someone had finally noticed, I had been switched to post moderation, so I could atleast post in my diary, and, occasionally, in the main forums.

But recently I've noticed something odd. My post moderation and diary ownership seem to be conflicting. Does anyone else find it just plain stupid and rediculous that, in my diary, I can move, sticky, lock, and delete threads, and that I can also delete posts, but I cannot edit posts! This is giving me mixed messages.

Once again- For fuck sakes! I want a final answer on this- Am I too much of a threat to the forums to do anything without a moderator over my shoulder, or can we all just forget about this and let me post like the normal person I am.

Its down to that. Restriction or freedom. Not some freakish thing in between. Its been made clear by some people- Including staff members whom I will not name- that a lot of you consider me unwelcome here. And you know what? I'm fine with that! I can leave until my infractions wear off, or I could leave altogether, who knows?! I'm simply tired of putting up with this. Good day to most of you. -_-
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