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Default Re: Embarrassing OCD Habits

-Volume on anything has to be in 5's.

-My video games have to be organized alphabetically.

-My clothes have to be organized in my specific way or it'll bother me a lot. From left to right: Coats, down to vest coats, then hoodies, hoodless sweaters, then normal sweaters, long sleeve button down shirts, short sleeve button down shirts, then graphic tee's, and school gym uniforms ALWAYS last to right. But in each of these sections, light colors go first and then dark colors go last. And if there is a brand that repeats, they go together depending on what kind of clothing they both are.

-In any room I sleep in, I make sure all doors and windows are closed. Door that leads to the room, closets, curtains cover the window.

-I need to sleep with some type of noise. A fan. Radio on. Something. This might sound crazy, but if someone comes into my room, I won't hear the door creak. Which scares the living crap out of me. And if it's someone who's going to kill me, it won't be silent. Which will scare me even more as well. Silence scares me at night.

-I try my best that if I enter someone into my contact list in my phone or anything else, I need to put their last name and first. Where they live. If I know. And other information. The area code must be in parenthesis. So the phone number would be like this... (347) 757-4706. As well as categorize each contact as to who they are for me. Ex: Friend, Partner, best friend, etc....

-I used to have one where I had to moisturize my feet every time I woke up. And before I went to sleep.

-I hate getting my feet dirty at home. Wear flip flops or socks at all times at home. If outside, I hate getting my feet wet or dirty in any way. Unless it's raining and I get completely wet or I'm at the park and the big fountain/sprinkler's on. Feet can't be dirty/wet alone.

-I need to wear socks with shoes no matter what. It bothers me if I don't.

-If I buy any type of video game, I store the receipt inside the box with all of them.

-This one's a bit weird I think. Every time I go to the bathroom, I need to wash the head of my penis. I have a foreskin so I'm scared I could get an infection if I don't wash it well. So I do it every visit to the bathroom. Anywhere. Unless it's a public bathroom.

-Flush the toilet if it seems like it hasn't been flushed.

-In my Ipod; I must organize every song. Meaning all of them must be spelled right, have good grammar/punctuation(If I think it needs it), everything goes in its sections(Arist: ..... Song: .....), find out information about the song to fill out on the Ipod(Album name, etc), before I finish using my Ipod, I must put the song back to the beginning. Not the middle. Not the end. Beginning. And it has to be set on the home screen.

-I sleep with sheets on all the time. No matter how hot it is.

That's all I could think of for now. I sound fucking crazy.

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