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Default Im confused

First off, I have zero confidence with girls.
The one girl I ever asked out I only asked her out after like 2 1/2 hours at a football game working up courage.

Ive tried to ask out dozens of girls, Ive even come so close as to asking them to come off to the side so i could ask them something, but then when they ask what I wanted, I always back out and say "Oh, nothing, sorry."

Second, I am not exactly the most liked person around my school. Ive grown in a lot of ways in the past few years, but a lot of people dont know that unless they get to know me better.

Now theres another girl. It's just like every other time. I know I have to do something, I cant just be a nervous wreck around girls i like all my life.
Only she's a bit different. She's deaf. Now she can hear some because she has a hearing aid type thing that doesnt go in her ear but behind it, which bypasses the eardrum allowing her to hear, but it has still obviously affected her. This interests me because I have almost gone deaf on several occasions, saved only by the miracle of modern surgical medicine and prosthetic bones in my ear.

I dont know her very well at all, but I recently found out that we actually used to go to the same church, and we went through First Communion together. We are both Catholic.

I know that I could go to that same church I used to go to where she is now an altergirl and talk to her, but I'm worried that might seem creepy. I am worried that we might actually have nothing beyond what I know in common. I am worried about rejection, but even more about what might happen if she says yes. Im worried that people might think i was trying to take advantage of her becasue she's deaf, or that if I do go out with her but then break it off that people might think I am shallow. I'm worried about too damn many things and every time I think about it I get panicked.
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