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That brings me to one of my crazy stories. One day i stayed home from school. What they do is call and leave a message on your answering machine so your parents get it. Well when they called i kept picking up and hanging up the phone so they couldnt get through. Well at about the 7th time i let it go through. "yes this is blah blah blah at the freetown-lakeville middle school and i am informing you that your son is absent". Well i picked up the fone and said FUCK YOU!! ( i thought they hung up). And i get a call back saying "yes this is the school again, and i hope i didnt here what i thought i herd". Well 30 min later, someone is pounding at the door. It turns out its the cops. He said the school wanted to "check up on me" and that they do this from time to time. I knew he was there for the phone thing. Well it turns out that the school never even tried to call my mom at work and ask her anything. They just went strait for the cops. And my mom was bullshit. At me for doing it and at the school for never calling her. Well to end it, i never got suspended, but got some good stories.
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