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Default Re: Never had girlfriend or kissed a girl.

I'm seventeen and, although female, can relate to an extent. First all, I'm straight - thought I'd clarify. Anyway, I'm seventeen with the same issue...but what gets me the most, moreso than my friends dating, is the fact that my fourteen-year-old sister has had more boyfriends than I can count. :S And now she's threatening to try to set me up! >_> I've asked two guys out - one said no because he liked someone else and the other...well, we were more friends than anything else so I don't count that at all. The two guys I have asked out, though, have both been really good friends of mine so it's not so much of a confidence problem as it is the fact that I am attracted to people I know are 'just friends' but I try good luck to you, but don't feel abnormal.


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