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Default Re: How do I come out?

Ok being gay or bi places a nasty load on yourself. And I know there is the need and want to tell people.

But I would certainly hold off. I think you are too young. Wait till your older. And remember that being gay is not something that people have to know because its not something that defines you as a person. Its just something thats part of you.

Being gay used to be a big deal. But its starting to change, because people are becoming more accepting. But the younger you are the bigger the deal it is. Like if I told my friends I was gay when I was 13 it would have made life difficult. But when I tell people now, I am 19 now, people dont care. Because the older you get the more of life you see and realise that being gay is ok. But when you are 13 a lot of people dont see it that way.

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