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Default Re: How Do You Tell If a Girl Likes You?

if you feel shy around her i guess you don't know her that good yet and you don't feel that confident being around her. and at my school all the girls hug me when they see me and that doest mean they are all my girl friends right? you should probably ask her out on a date one on one. take her on a roller coaster. they say most women are attracted to guys that like a little trill in their lives, (and shell probably squeeze you really tight if shes scared or if she likes you).
i find that it helps to treat a girl you try to get as your sister dont be shy to ask her out on dates or to hug. and i found out that when you give alot of hugs they eventually turn into kisses on the cheek.

PS. if you actually want to go for it i suggest something romantic like ice cream or even hot dogs, pizza what ever shes into thats affordable. then after the meal just stare into her eyes for about 3 to 5 seconds, give a small smile so she doesn't get freaked out and if she looks back and into yours and you know shes looking deeper that just your physical being your bond is getting stronger. make sure not to stare for more than 5 seconds. oh and i haven't tried this out but i heard on the discovery channel that if a girls pupils are bigger than normal something is going on with adrenaline or i dunno something like that but it means shes interested.

PSS. maybe it just works for me lol. but its worth a try

PSSS. if you look into her eyes and she says something like what are you looking at or whats wrong just say something like ... umm i dunno i never had a girl friend before lol jkjk just make up something like "oh nothing" or "sorry i was day dreaming" ooor "sorry i got lost in your beautiful eyes" umm well save that for later on in the relationship

PSSSS. try not to rush i know people say that you should ask her or you will never know if she was madly in love with you. and i m not saying thats wrong but on my opinion i like to go slow and check out the signs. That way i don't freak her out because when i was in the 8th grade i tried to ask out this girl and i knew her for 2 years and we were good friends and i just came up to her and asked her if she wanted to go to the disco with me and she said no then i just got so shy and up to this day i haven't really had a conversation with her.

PSSSSS. sorry for making it so long just got hooked to it like damn lol.
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