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Default Re: What are Your Favorite Music Genres?

The poll is a little limiting, so I'll elaborate here.
Metalcore, deathcore, hardcore punk, screamo (by screamo I mean TRUE screamo like Portraits of Past, Orchid, Circle Takes The Square, etc.), indie-anything, folk, hard rock, nu metal, pop punk, soft rock, dubstep, drum & bass, moombahton, hip hop (not all of it), some pop, alternative, and less occasionally I'll listen to swing music, doom metal, new age, and a very small handful of country songs.

By the way, for metalhead16, awesome username...but Asking Alexandria aren't technically screamo...more metalcore. I used to say screamo, too, but then I learned what screamo really was. Look up the bands I mentioned above. You might like them.

Lastly, if anyone wants to, check out some of my music:
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