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Default Re: Am I... done growing?

Well, I'm not aware that Filipinos/Asians finish puberty at a different time than the rest of humanity, so as long as you have good nutrition, are generally healthy, and don't have anything wonky in your genetics, expect to be in puberty until your early twenties. So, you have some time yet before you panic. Growth comes in fits and spurts (maybe that's why they call it a 'growth spurt?), just because you haven't noticed a change in a short while doesn't mean you're necesssarily thru.

By all means, ask all the questions you have when you meet your doctor, and if you're still really worried after that, ask her to take an X Ray of your hand. This will tell both of you how much more growing your body will do, because it's those little bones in your hand that indicate how much more overall growth you can expect.
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