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Default Am I... done growing?

You may have remembered a post of mine back from more than a month ago. Well bad news, I haven't grown an inch this summer. Actually, almost nothing from my body grew, with the exception of my penis (which is good I guess). Even worse news, It's almost like I haven't grown since I was 14 years old. However, I did gain 20 lbs... and I still look the same. The funny thing is that I entered puberty at about 12. So I grow for two years (in stature) and that's it? Even though I'm Asian (Filipino), the usual end of puberty is age 17.5 correct? And the average rate of puberty and growth altogether is about 5 years. And to add more to my anxiety, seeing all my friends at registration today. The boys grew 3-5 inches, and the girls grew closer to womanhood; much more built. Yes, I did spot one of my friend's who is about my age (he turned 16 already) and he didn't grow at all.

Well the only good news I have is that I have a Doctor's appointment in less than a week. Telling this again, my Doctor said I will be a six footer. I hope that I was reading the chart wrong, and that my growth peak was the beginning of age 16, not the end of age 15. And I'm going to have ALOT of questions for her.

So you're saying that I start out a little taller than people in 5th/6th grade (I'm older than most people in my class, so I hit the pre-puberty and level 1 puberty first). Get shorter 7th, 8th, 9th, and beginning 10th grade, but in the end... end up taller than some again? I hope it's like you guys said, this is just slow growth.

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