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I'm 17. I know I am not gay first off. The issue here is, i hang out with a lot of guys and girls and i love girls. Girls are my favorite thing in the world. I love being with them and thinking of them, etc. Finding them on Vacation etc.

A while back earlier in the year I accidently saw some Gay porn and it intrigued me. once in a while i'd start having gay fantasies.

Now it's worst then ever, almost every night now i have these ridiculous gay fantasies about only "GAY" people. Like 1 kid in my school who is gay, i'd just get these fantasies about sexual things. When I'm with my friends , during gthe day, i love girls

it's just before sleep now, these ridiculous fantasies.

It's starting to bother me immensley and i'm getting really frusterated and pissed, cause i know for a fact I like women, but it's like a split personality thing.

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