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Default Re: losing it completely

I think when she said it was because you felt "trapped" she meant that it was the trigger for this problem rather than the problem itself. In all likelihood this has been hardwired into your brain for awhile and it's just now activating.

I checked your profile and it said you're female, so if it IS schizophrenia, as I am currently suspecting it to be, then you should feel relived to hear that it's highly treatable in women, moreso than in men.

Now, how long has this been going on? Did it suddenly happen or has it gotten worse over time? This is an important detail because knowing this will actually aid in treatment.

Now, why I believe that it may be schizophrenia is mainly the voices. However, paranoia and detachment from reality are key parts too. You say that you can't tell what is or isn't ok; that's kind of all I needed to hear to diagnose you.

JustJuss, I may not be a doctor but I actually have a lot of experience with schizophrenia. My advice to you is to ask for help from anyone who is willign to give it. I know it might be extremely hard and you might feel like telling people about it will make it worse; let me assure you that it won't.

People who have been similarly afflicted have gone on to lead very normal lives, but if you ask anyone they'll tell you that getting help was the hardest part of it all. Don't be afraid. You might feel like they won't be able to handle what you're saying or that they'll ignore you, but they will help you.
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