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I live in a small town in south-eastern Wisconsin. I am 14 years old. My life in the past 7 months has been an absolute hell hole. It all started in February when i got called down to the office at school. That day i found out that i was going to repeat the eighth grade. After that day for about 2 months my dad would yell, scream, and punish me. For the current situation i was in. Repeating the 8th grade was only half the problem...a bigger concern was that all of my friends, and all my reason to live, was all going to a different school. AND i would be in all the same classes as my younger sister, who i dont quite get along with. But then something amazing happened. My state testing scores arrived in the mail...i thought that would be the worst thing that could happen that moment, but when i opened it, i had advanced in every single subject. This changed everything. Then the school staff along with my parents got the suspicion that i had A.D.D. or age learning dissorder. That is when i met Carlo... Carlo was a Therapist who worked with people like me. He was supposed to find out if i had a learning disablity or not, but meeting with him brought me into meeting a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist to figure it out...end on end i had appts. with them which just brought out more emotions and problems. So i spent my whole summer vacation, trying to figure out the problem and then 4 weeks before school starts, my dad gets an email that says i have a case of depression, but i would be going on to be a freshman...but i am all mixed up with all this stuff, and then i found VirtualTeen...a place where i can find out about kids like me, and find the path that lead me away from ending my life. If u are reading this, remember, that no matter what happens, there is always someone to feel your pain, and there is always someone to care...

Thank You VirtualTeen
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