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Default Re: a late bloomer???

Originally Posted by rich_11 View Post
I'm 15 1/2 years old and seem to be enetering stages of puberty different o others. My penis han't really gorwn in size yet i have developed some under arm hair. When erect my penis is about 3 1/2 inches and i was wondering what stage i am really at. If anyone had similar problems when did the biggest changes start occuring. Also, as i go to alot of parties and as part of the more popular crowd some of the girls are really up for it, which is really good!, and i know for sure i'm straight, but when they had too much too drink and they want to take things to the next level i have no choice to back out a bit, and my friends are starting to ask questions. I feel so late in this developement i'm starting to feel quite under confident. What should i do???
man, i have the same EXACT problem, i am 14, and i am about ur length. exept i'm kinda lacking the pit hair...just hang in there. if u are worried about ur size, DON'T u have to grow sometime, and u can stay abstinant until u feel comfortable, and feel ready. plus, if u like a girl, and she likes u, and u are ready for the next level, she shouldn't care...if she doesn't like u the way u are, then maybe she isn't right for u. if u are afraid, just stick to other things like masturbating, or even join an acfivity to keep your mind of it...

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