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Smile Re: Attempting to Quit Porn

Originally Posted by Sexiijimmie View Post
I want to try and wuit looking at porn. I feel guilty very badly after I cum to it. It makes me feel like a pervert. and it is making me feel even more worse about if my family ever found out.

People and videos say that porn can't stay a secret forever. My school says its bad. My school made me sign a PAPER saying I wouldnt.

Do you think I can do it?
(HINT: this will probably be the 30th time I have told myself I need to stop)

Because HOW do I know that it will not continue into my future, and I end up a crazed porn fan of a dad? I DONT WANT TO BE A PERVERT DAD! Plus an article I read says that the stuff you see in porn will eventually channel into my everyday life. Meaning that because I am attracted to the guys in the porn, and i look at gay porn, will make me gay!

Is that true?
(HINT: I am beginning to see myself more attracted to guys, but I DO NOT want to be gay!)

I think you can do it, if you try hard enough. And about turning gay, I think it's a load of BULLSHARK! You would know if your gay, and you cant just turn gay. I think you still can masturbate to porn, but when it gets addicitve and it interferes with your life, then you should stop. And I dont think you'll be a "pervert dad" By the time youre ready to have kids, you should be able to quit porn. Wherever you heard this information, it doesnt sound too accurate.

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