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Unhappy what should i do?

im not sure where this thread should go but im freaking out about it so i thought it could be classed as a mental crisis...

iv just realised ive been a complete bitch to a few people, but i found out because i was being nosey and read some stuff that i shouldnt have read

so i cant go to them and apologise cos of how i found out there was a problem

but i dont know what to do cos theres this one guy that ive basically treated like shit without realisin it

he asked me for help and i accused him of being an attention seeker, and i told my friend i hoped she wouldnt get into university so i could laugh about it (i meant it as a joke but she thought i was serious and now i cant bring it up or shel wonder how i worked it out)

so what should i do? i have a tendency to turn situations around so that i get sympathy and im worried if i tell them that i know iv been a bitch ill end up trying to get sympathy from them...

this has turned into a bit of a rant but any help would be appreciated!!!

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