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Default Re: energy drink addiction

caffine is weird in my system, in regular doses, like sodas and energy drinks, im good. i even drank a whole bottle of that pepsi max stuff with double the caffine, but nothing. no buzz. my mom thought i was addicted to caffine, but i got days and even weeks without any. the only time i had any kind of energy drink buzz was when i drank 3 amps and a monster in a day with little to eat and little movement. i think it was a taurine that did it. caffine actually helps me calm down and even go to sleep. i get tired when i drink lots and lots of caffinated beverages. but i only get jittery from energy drinks if i chug something big like a monster. also i have begun to slow sip the large amps, kinda like how your sposed to drink whiskey. its a little scary to me that i find that tasty...whopps i rambled...

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