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Exclamation Re: losing it completely

Listen to me. I hear freakin voices. Do not fall for the guilt stuff, if you have faith jesus loves your and will always forgive you he sees you heart. just tell that crap to turn off and go on with your life. find some friends and find a life. do not be paraniod. everybody is living and loving and want you to join in. don't withdraw into yourself. do not keep being afraid of if. say fuck it, i have life and i want it. do not zone in on the voices. that is not your life.
do not focus on finding out. I have went through a year of this shit. from people i know, to spirits, to demons, to the government, to aliens, i have been through it all. you have to end it yourself. whatever fears of teaching you have learned thrrough this shit, drop it. you do not have to feel controlled or lost. open your eyes and just do what you do. if you feel like your being drawn in just say go away,turn the shit off, turn your head, whatever you need to do to let it go. don't pick up a cigg. do something healthy but furn. find a vent partner that not a downer but a motivator. just leave the situation.
love you and hope you find fun. that's what i needed
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