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Originally Posted by thesonicguy View Post
Come on this is going no where.
I have FF, I like it ok? And why don't we get off this topic.
I wasn't trying to cause any problems, and as far as I can tell, there's no reason anyone should have a problem with what I asked. I just asked them why they disliked FF, and what they liked so much about IE. What's the problem with that? I then asked it once more because they didn't answer the question, they just replied with something else to me.

I couldn't help it if it didn't go anywhere. I asked a simple question, and they didn't answer. That's all. I was still hoping they'd answer, and I still am. I wasn't trying to sound rude or anything, because I wasn't being rude. I'm not saying you're suggesting that, I'm just saying that because it sounded like the person I replied to above asking the question seemed to think I had been. I was stating in general, that if someone randomly likes something (especially something as bad as IE), with no particular reason, and randomly dislikes everything else entirely, with no given reason, they probably haven't tried the others. I wasn't necessarily stating that they were the one I was talking about. I was just saying in general. And, I gave them a chance to respond with reasons, but it didn't happen.

Sonic and Gav: Please don't take what I was saying as trying to start a fight. That's NOT what I was going for. I asked a simple question, and was wondering what the reasons Gav and the original person I replied to liked IE so much over everything else. That's all. Just looking for some specific problems they might have encountered with FF or whatever else.

I've used IE and FF both extensively, and although I can say IE IS usable, and not entirely crap, I always advise an alternative as for users who aren't at least somewhat technially experienced, I wouldn't recommend it. It's an okay browser to use if you know what you're doing. I usually wouldn't say that, but that's how I feel. People trying to cause problems more often than not tend to target IE then other non-IE based browsers. It's a simple fact, and would happen to any browser if they had the majority of the users. It's also easier in some senses for things to get installed on user's systems entirely by accident with IE than FF. ActiveX is one example. With FF, you pretty much have to let the Site download a file to your machine, and you have to execute it. Which, I will admit, does happen. But, with ActiveX, and IE, all that has to be done is for something to come up, saying "Oh noes!? This fake program that looks similar to a legitimate part of Windows says you need to download this random piece of software to fix these viruses and errors on your machine. Please click the little OK button and we'll install the fix," and it'll install an activex control that breaks everything.

It all comes down to the user. I prefer Firefox, and believe that non-experienced users use it over IE. In my experience, less good comes from letting them use IE. My sisters all used IE on my dad's machine for a while. Users where I work (School District, Computer Tech) also tend to have more problems. Sure, some of them may be hesitant on making the change at first, but it's worth it in the long run. My sisters have switched entirely, as as my dad, and there's been a lot less problems with random problems on his machine since. It was a big problem before. I spent quite a while trying to clean it up.

I could, as I'm sure others (I know Several right now, off hand) that could use IE all day long, and never have problems. It depends on your experience, and how you use the machine. If you know what you're doing, you are less likely to have those problems. I was just stating that for MUCH of the general population, I wouldn't recommend it.

I use IE once in a while too. It just depends on how close the Icon is to my cursor, and what mood I'm in. I won't use it 24/7, but I will use it at times. It has usually worked better for me, and I RARELY have any rendering issues, or any other problem with it, for that matter. The only real problems I have with FF is a Memory 'hole' it has had for a while, which isn't too big of a deal for me, because I have enough RAM to compensate for it, and the fact that it quits letting me change between tabs after I open more than like 35 tabs at once, although I can still do it with Ctrl+Tab. But, then again, I'm not usually a typical user. I over-work my programs all the time, so I can't expect them to always function perfectly. IE also has its difficulties with similar things.

I've just had more issues with IE, and when it comes to managing 400-600 Computers (Work, various problems, including Buffer Under-run errors with IE, random pages with a lot of drop down boxes crashing the entire computer, and other problems), I tend to develop a dislike for it. I have both IE and FF installed on 99% of those machines, and I have no problems saying that of all the problems with web browsing, even with IE controlling the majority of the users, 95-98% of the browsing problems I've had to attend to have been with IE. The only problems I can think of that HAVEN'T been particular to IE have been the minuscule number of websites that require IE over Firefox. And, starting this next school year, all the machines have the IETab extension installed by default with FF, so you can just click a button on the navigation bar, and it opens it within FF using the IE Engine.

I'm just giving my personal experience with the two browsers. Take it or leave it. I'm not forcing anyone to change browsers on here. I'm just giving my take on it. I've just had more issues with anything IE based, which includes IE, Avant, Maxthon, etc, over Firefox, and Even Opera and Konqueror, among others. And, Yes, I have tried a lot of the alternatives to IE, and Firefox, including all those I listed above, among others. Avant gave me issues, besides the fact of it being IE-Based, Konqueror I have to say I prefer over all of them besides FF. Opera is third in line, followed by Avant, then IE. I haven't used Maxthon is a while, but last I used it, I hated it more than IE.


If anyone wants the original thread I was talking about earlier, where me and Kiros got into a fun discussion about FF and Avant/IE, here you go:

Starts on the Second Page.

This is why I didn't want to go into these types of things. I tend to go on for forever on these types of things, and you can see in this thread and that one.

- Bill

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