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Default Re: Masturbation (Not As Good)

Originally Posted by Okki
I've heard that the head of your penis is the most sensitive area of your body and when you touch it, you should get a tingly feeling and it should generally feel quite good.
Well, that depends some guys like it, and some guys feel the same as you do. It's more pleasurable when somebody else touches it rather than you, so it doesn't NEED to feel tingle or good when you touch your own.

In fact, some guys are so sensitive on their penis head that it may hurt when they touch it. That's normal too, but I've read that this happens because they don't mess with it enough or aren't used to it being touched.

Originally Posted by Okki
Also, masturbation doesn't feel good at all apart from ejaculating at the end and the only reason I pretty much do it is to rid of sexual tension; it's just gotten boring. I guess the question i'm trying to ask here is; is there something wrong with me, do I masturbate too much?
It sounds like you're not horny enough. If you masturbate a lot or don't fantasize/get horny, it could just be that it's not interesting to you. It could also be that your hormones aren't buzzing around so much so you're not so interested in sex/masturbation. Whatever the cause, I'm sure there's nothing really wrong with you, since I sometimes feel the same way in both cases!
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