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Originally Posted by moonlight walks View Post i have another problem... want to help me on this one! well i am realy itchy down there and i noticced one day that i had a split above my clit and on the spilt of labia majorias...after my area brecame itchy and in my underware there was always a thick sticky white substance...also around my clitoris there was the same substance...sometimes this substance smells...and sometimes is a yellowish color..... i am to scared to go to the doctor, or tell my mom....what do you think it is?
About this, I suggest that you go to a doctor, since this sounds like a vaginal infection. Discharge is normal, but it shouldn't be yellowish or smelly. You can ask your mom about it, and consider going to the doctor. It's not very dangerous so nothing really to worry about, but you don't want it to develop
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