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Originally Posted by techdude View Post
IIt's starting to worry me alot. I should want to do it with a girl, right? Teenage boy are supposed to have sex on their minds all the time right? it just isnt for me. I'm pretty sure I'm not gay... Id take a girl over a guy any day. But just a cute girl, not some dirty whore like on girls gone wild or anything. I dont feel a need to look at porn. Help plz anyone?? Is this ok?
"I'm pretty sure I'm not gay..."
What the hell does gay have to do with not being horny? God damn, I'm fucking horny all the time and I'm as queer as you can get

As far as your sex drive, sex drive comes with hormones. If you're not far into puberty or considerably developed, your body might be producing less sex hormones for the time being and you might not feel horny a lot. It could also be because you're just not a very horny person...that too is normal
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