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Default Re: Your Favorite Web Browser Poll

Originally Posted by Gav08 View Post
actually blahages i have used firefox and don't call me lazy because i am not.firefox its not for me i didnt like so i went back with internet explorer and that is the way its staying.
I was messing with you. Learn to handle it. I was merely asking a question, which you didn't answer.

What exactly didn't you like about Firefox, and what's so great about IE?

Originally Posted by thesonicguy View Post
I like using FF, And my Internet service provider (Is a in town ISP speed 45.2 kbps) I can only use IE and FF. host ISP only use's IE and FF
I'm still confused as to exactly what you're saying. Are you saying you go into your town, and use like a public computer with only FF and IE installed on them to access the internet? Or, what? I read that post about 5 times, and can't figure it out for sure.

- Bill
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