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Originally Posted by tripletsrule View Post
maybe you should have called her while on vacation. my mom said girls love it when you call just to talk to them.
The thing is she isn't aloud to call from China to USA...but we were able to use msn to IM each other but she said when she had the chances she sometimes rather do other stuff than talk to me. And those chances were already rare in the first place...the girl I knew would always talk to me whenever she can if she had such little chances to talk. I don't get how she could change completely just going to China for 2 months. She made it look like our love could overcome anything before she left for China but now she's saying she lost feelings of love when she was in China. I just don't get how because we had NO problems at all before she left and we were doing perfect. Oh and just to let you know I always called her just to talk to her when I could. And we did that at least two times a day for over an hour, even more on weekends. So I still don't get what happened...
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