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Default Re: Your Favorite Web Browser Poll

Originally Posted by Gav08 View Post
because it beats all the rest simple
I beg to differ. Explain just how it "beats the rest."

I think you're just lazy, and have never used Firefox or something else besides IE. It's easy to say something beats all the rest when you've never used the rest.

Originally Posted by thesonicguy View Post
Fasterfox sound's cool I'm looking it up on now!
I don't like IE bcas it fizz up all the time. I only use FF. And my ISP can only use FF and IE. And I like the FF tabs.
What do you mean your ISP can only use FF or IE? Are you referring to their web site?

The ISP doesn't limit your use of a particular web browser for browsing the internet.

IE 7 was more usable, at least for me, once I re-enabled the menu bar, moved it back to the top, above the address bar instead of under it, disabled the phishing filter, and disabled the annoying prompt of opening files you've downloaded, or are on a local network.

- Bill

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