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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

i heard a different version where the woman could go to any floor but could never go down floors, and the top floor is empty and a sign says this room is empty and is here to show no woman can be happy with any man, you are visitor 468,582. oh and there was no signs just she figured the higher she went the better it is. now, there is a male version of the joke that only fits right well better if you keep the woman version in mind:

Right across the street from the husband store opened a woman store, on the store front there was a sign "you can go up levels but never down, only straight out. you are also not allowed to re-enter the building after visiting it once." the man stepped into the building, there was another sign saying: "these women are hot" the man decided he wanted more than hot. The second sign said "these women are hot and love sex" them man said you know what im gonna keep going, so he went to the 3rd floor, the sign said "these women are hot and love sex and are rich"....floors 4 through 6 have never been visited

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