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Your a buetiful person! and I think you have guts! guts of steel to be gay and to admit to it and to act in a homosexual way because that is the person you are and you are not afriad to express it!

If your friends won't except the person you are they are all pricks and I would frankly say to the lot of them. This is me and I'm not gonna change or adapt myself for you so you can either except the person I am, or shut the fuck up and piss off! maybee minus the swear-words but you get my drift right?

And if they do accept you then Great but if they don't...
You dress yourself up and go out and make yourself some new gay friends! because at least then you know you'll fit in

Whatever happens I hope it works out and please tell me what happens

Love me for what I am hate me for what I am not
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