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Im really sorry guys for judging people by the amount of posts they have (its just a rule i've always followed) I will stop .

All im trying to say is I have life experience of these kind of things, I spent 4 months inside a mental asilem for having OCD (which i still have ) inside i've seen people do terrible things. Ive seen people slit there wrists with glass Ive seen whole rooms covered in blood from people who cant stop self harming. Ive seen people carving names into their skin with pencil sharpner blades. And everyday i remember these things and how fucked up life can be because of this i will NEVER forget these things. THESE PEOPLE NEED HELP! they think they are safe cutting but everyday they go a little bit deeper!

I also have 2 friends who cut and i try my best to help them but its just such hard work... and sometimes you have to terrible things to help people who need help! .....I have been round to one of thier houses and teared the place to pieces before looking for fucking razor blades she'd hidden some down her bra ffs! dosen't that just show you how desperate self harmers are?

I've also been in hospital twice in the last 2 months because of this girl abigail who self harms way to much!

That's what friends are for guys! I know for a fact that if i did something stupid my friends would rush to help me! because i have helped them! and if you help this girl it may hurt her initially but belive me WHEN SHE IS BETTER SHE WILL THANK YOU!

Im sorry i had to bore you with this but its my life and i need you to know why i think you should listen to my advice about this topic!

Love me for what I am hate me for what I am not

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