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Default My sister is insistent on setting me up...

Meh, my FRESHMAN sister wants to set me up even though I'm a SENIOR at my school. She said it's either that, or I ask this other guy out who I work with who I do like to some degree, but I think he's still dating this one girl and I also know he's twenty or twenty-one, which would just be weird to me. :S And probably to him, too. I mean, it'd probably end up more as a brother/sister relationship if that leaves my sister, who plans on taking my picture and my cell phone number to school and show it to random guys (I told her freshmen and sophomores are off-limits because my sister's bull-headed and WILL do this) to get them to go out with me. I told her that that would just make me look like a complete idiot, enlisting a fourteen-year-old to set up a seventeen-year-old (eighteen in October)...but then, as all little sisters are capable of, she's like 'all the more reason to do it.' NO idea what to do about this one....especially seeing as I haven't actually 'dated' anyone. I sorta-kinda-in-a-way-but-not-really 'went out' with this one guy once in eighth grade, but we just watched a movie at his place and I found that we had NOTHING in common and neither of us made any attempt to contact the other after that...So I have no idea what to make of this. I've tried asking two guys out, and both rejected me because the first liked someone else and the second was dating. It was only the first that killed me 'cause I'd known and liked him for about a year before I asked him out and I thought he'd been flirting with me so I figured it was going to be relatively easy. Fat chance. The second guy was one I worked with, a year younger than me, but we talked a lot and he liked Harry Potter - major bonus. So I asked him to a movie one day and he was like, sounds like fun but don't know how my girlfriend would take I thought fast and said we could go as a group and she could come too, liol. I mean, if I like the guy, I don't have any trouble asking him out - I don't stutter or anything like confidence took a major boost a while back. But my problem is, I really don't like many guys that way...doesn't help that I don't really hang out with guys to begin with, though. So I'm just thoroughly confused. Should I throttle my sister within an inch of her life or see how it all plays out?

(Sorry for the long post)

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