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Unhappy Really need some help...

Well as some of you may have notice from my posts that I was really looking forward to my girlfriend coming back from her vacation. Building all this happiness inside and when she finally did come back, it all came crashing down. Let me start from the beginning...before she left for vacation we were doing really really perfect, there was no end in sight. For some reason during vacation she lost all feelings for me. Now that she has come back she saids she wants to break up. She told me when she had chances of talking to me during her vacation she didn't want to sometimes, and chances were already rare. To make it worse she told me that she doesn't really want to remember the past 19 months we've spent together. And to make it all go to hell...she seems to not be taking any consideration of my feelings in this. Throughout the whole summer I kept imagining how awesome and fun it's going to be when she comes back but things have turned out for the complete worse. So I got a few questions...1)how can such a perfect relationship be doing so well and than once the girl comes back from vacation she just wants to end it? Seriously, we were doing perfect and she said it herself before she left so I just don't get it. It's unbelievably sudden, it's like a brand new mirror shattering into a million pieces. If it was just an old mirror and there were cracks here and there it's expected to shatter. But our relationship, this really brand new 13 inch thick mirror shouldn't have shattered into a million pieces all of a sudden. 2) I really want tell her my feelings but it seems like she isn't taking this whole thing seriously. I don't get how 19 months of perfectness can mean so little to her as to not take the break up seriously. I mean even for the person who decides to end it should feel a somewhat sadness in a perfect 19 month relationship right? If so how come she's so happy in all of this? So how can I get her to take me and our relationship seriously so I can tell her how I feel? and last 3) I still love her and I know it's not the hormones talking. I can prove it by how I was able to still say okay lets be friends for now even though its hurts so bad. Usually if its hormones than the guy would just get pissed and just go rebound. But I'm still loyal to her, I vowed to myself that I'll protect her no matter and I'm planning on keeping that vow even if I have to love her without getting love back. So she wants to be best you guys think there might be anything I can do to make things like they were before this crap of a summer all started? And if there's nothing I can do...what do you think are the chances of her taking me back?...*worst depression ever*

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