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Default Re: energy drink addiction

Oh wow, this thread is soooo appropriate for me. It wasn't until last night that I realised how detrimental a caffeine addiction could be (looonnnggg story..alright, not so long, but I don't feel like typing it out) even though I'd had several bad experiences before (binging on coke to 'dull' pain)...I'm trying to come off of it, but it's hard. I LOVE coca-cola...I'd drink it nonstop if I could, and I even collect their products - coin holders, bottle caps, etc. I still drink coca-cola products (mind you, this is my first caffeine-free day so I might not make it as I've tried quitting in the past and it never works. Ever.), but not with caffeine. I also drank energy drinks and Jolt, and when I found Jolt gum and Jolt mints, I was in seventh Heaven. ^^ I could take those to school and stay on my 'high' throughout the day. It was kept me up during the schoolday, but somehow calmed me down enough at night so I could sleep. :S I was told bipolar and coke don't mix...well, bipolar and caffeine in general...but do I ever listen until I've experienced it? Of course not. Still, I'm working on day at a time.


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