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Default Re: Your Favorite Web Browser Poll

Originally Posted by Kiros View Post
A good thing about Avant Browser is that it uses your installed Internet Explorer engine, so it's compatible with everything that IE is - even toolbars and other BHOs.
I wouldn't necessarily consider that a good thing. But, then again I'm not going to get into the FF VS Avant/IE thing again (We did this before ). Main point it boiled down to, at least for me, was the fact that I despise IE's engine, and anything IE Based. If I want IE, I'll use IE or IE Tab for FF.

Well, maybe the word 'despise' isn't necessarily the best choice of words. I don't despise it, I just prefer to stay away from it. There are times when I'm lazy and I'll open IE7 on whatever machine I'm using at the time if the icon is closer to my cursor than FF's. But, any extended period of browsing, I'd prefer to use FF, or even Opera, although FF is preferred.

Also, IE (Or any other browser) toolbars = evil.

As for the choices in the poll, besides those three, Safari just isn't ready for Windows (OSx, Probably fine), and Netscape is Okay now that it uses the FF base, but I still dislike it.

As for Linux, I use Swiftfox (Optimized Build of FF) usually, although I do like Konqueror somewhat.

- Bill
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