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Originally Posted by electric7rocker View Post
and sam, i do have some idea what im talking about. i myself am a cutter... although im trying really hard to quit (its been about 2 1/2 months or so?) because i almost lost a friend because of it. and ive been to therapy for a number of things, it really didnt help me at all.
See? You can't judge a person just by how many times they've posted.

Btw rocker, please don't double post- use the edit feature if you want to add something.

As for telling her parents, no I don't believe you should go behind her back and tell them- that'd be like utter betrayal. You need to have a talk with her, though, and explain that her parents can offer the support and care she needs. I have yet to see someone quit cutting cold turkey, especially on their own. Yes, her parents need to know. Should you tell them without her knowledge or consent, absolutely not.

And I agree with Mollie in that there's not much you personally can do to make her stop- support her and remind her of reasons why she shouldn't, but I think that's a decision that only she can make. I guarantee, though, if you stand by her she'll be forever grateful when she does finally stop.
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