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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

it was the middle of 7th grade... And my girlfriend just dumped me....and my best friend adam, who only i, have known, him being bisexual, came to me, and just, randomly gave me a hug, and i kind of got later that day, when i got out of my last class, he was waiting by the door, usealy he meets me at the bottom of the hill to walk home... so we stsrted walking home, and, my mom was never home, so we went to my house to hang out.

Then we just kind of started talking, and, idk why, but, i just fealt like kissing him, but i still fealt weird because i like girls.....

and thats kinda how i knew i was bi.

Im unknown kid, you can call me Nick =]
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