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Angry Re: im not sure

Ok dude...emotionalmeltdown has a point. Now I am going to make mine.
Wanna know how I know that?? Uhh because no matter how much we suck at giving you our opinion, and yet you even state that we suck at go on and say "ok i have a new crush" right under the same fucking bulletin. If you don't like the responses then quit fucking posting on the boards ok? My God people honestly. We can only give you advice based off of our experiences...and if you don't like it then get off the boards and don't come back. Deal with it yourself. You keep stating how u love this girl and then you dump her as if it is no big deal and then you love another girl. No way in hell someone falls in love that many times. We are not obligated to go onto your bulletin post and respond to every piece of crap message you post about some girl you now have a huge crush on. We choose to based off of our own freewill. You are just going to have to deal with our advice....though you may not like it....or deal with it yourself. Although something tells me that the reason you don't like our advice is because it's the truth and you can't handle the truth.

So piece out bitch whore.
Good luck with the ladies in the future.
I doubt you will have any if you keep up this attitude and keep being so damn stubborn about the advice we give to you.

Did i mention you suck with girls??

Our Love will Never Die...
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