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Originally Posted by o1emissp1aya View Post
um, ok, 1st of all, i wanna say, you guys suck at responding. i never get good advice back.

now, forget my past couple of posts if you read them, im over those girls now, so im not to worry about them

but now, theres this girl. she is absolutely amazing. we've known each other since 8th grade (currently in 10th) but we never really talked. another friend got us talking on myspace, then it got to aim, now we're randomly chattin at school.

im really starting to like her, but i dont know how she feels, i dont know what to do

anyone want to leave some, useful, not stupid, possible advice?

itd be appreciated
You, sir, are one of the WORST people I've ever seen ask for advice. You tell us we suck and that what we have posted in the past was stupid. And yet you want help?

Plus, within a period of ELEVEN DAYS you obsess over a girl you broke up with four times wanting us to tell you something besides, "That relationship obviously isn't going to work" , then move on to a new crush, and throw in another one now. And you expect us to take you seriously and offer you any kind of help? You need a major attitude adjustment. Like NOW.
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