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Default Re: im not sure

i hope this doesn't come under the stupid category, i'm sure you will let me know if it does. these are the options i can think of:

1. get to know her more through talking and then when you feel confident enough you might want to ask her to hang out. that way you are not asking her to be your gf, you are just trying to spend time together. by doing this you can guage her thoughts about you. e.g. does she want to go out again in the future? do you get along well outside of school? if the signs from her are positive then it may be worthwhile telling her how you feel and see where she is.

2. the other option is more indirect, you could ask some of her friends if they know how she feels about you and see if they have any idea. although this is indirect it comes at the risk causing gossip and getting back to her really quickly.

3. option 3 is the brave option. just tell her how you feel about her and see what she thinks. make sure you prepare yourself for the possiblity of rejection if you choose this option.

good luck!!!


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