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Default I have a strange urge. :-/

Alright, I was hospitalised in mid-March for cutting and it worked for a while...but I still haven't cut in at least a month (haven't counted). I'm on minimal stress (only worried about school starting, but without the pressure of actual school) and, for whatever reason, I want to cut again...I don't know why and I'm able to resist because I haven't figured out why yet. I just understand why I want to do it "just because" seeing as I've always have a stress-related reason (which I know isn't an excuse, but still)...Anyone else experience this??


[SIZE="1"]remember when;; getting high meant swinging at the playground;; the problem about boys was cooties;; mom was your hero && dad was super man;; your worst enemies were your siblings;; race issues were about who ran the fastest ;; war was just a card game;; life was simple && carefree;; but what I remember most was;; wanting to grow up;;
Then I did...Where's the rewind button?
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