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Default Re: How Do You Tell If a Girl Likes You?

Originally Posted by IAMSAM View Post
Valerie, you might consider the way your 'enthusiasm' is (mis)understood by those guys it's directed at!

We only have the signals to read that are given to us. If she yells your name and hugs you, you have to assume that she likes you. Those are pretty universal communications that imply affection. If she likes you in 'That' way, is another question. But, I think most would agree that people don't shout their names and hug them if they are repulsed by them, either!

I like my advice (LOL!). Kick it up a notch, but don't feel pressured to ask her out the first couple of times you see her. See how she reacts first.
Yelling your name and hugging you could also mean she likes you a lot as a friend. Like I said, a lot of girls are just the huggy-type.

And I agree that you don't need to ask her out right away- one of my mottos in relationships is that you need to build a strong foundation before you can hope for anything more. You have to be a friend before you can be her boyfriend.
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