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Default Re: There's this one girl...

Originally Posted by billy View Post
dude for the last time as i tell everyone dont tell her you love her just give her a few gifts and you wont believe your eyes like give her a nice bottle of perfume and the next week give her another gift like a neckles or ring etc. w.e after you give her a few gifts she realize that you like her other whys you wouldnt be giving those gifts just to anyone? make sense so then she gonna ask you "are you in love with me or something" and u just shake your head that always works with me believe me you asking a pro i dont usualy give my secret out to anyone good bye now
No no no no no! You CANNOT hope to have a healthy relationship like this! You are sending the message that you're materialistic and that your relationship will consist only of you buying her things to suit her every need and whim. Like CJ and Andy said, you need to start a foundation relationship of friendship, and hope something grows from there. If some guy I barely knew started buying me perfume and necklaces and things, quite frankly I'd be creeped- that's the kind of thing you see stalkers and such doing.
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