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Default Re: Why cant I get a girlfriend?

ok dude im going to give you my secret but share this with no one ive dated like a dozen girls and some in the same time and when i find a girl i like i start whatching her and seeing wat she likes what kind of jewerly and perfume etc. so i give her a nice bottle of perfume and in a week or so i giv her another gift its a neckles and then another gift maybe this time a nice ring w.e but not a fake one she will know i dont know how they know i tried it once and this girl calld me a cheap pervert anyways u get her a real one and after a few gifts she realize you like her without u having to say it in words and she will ask you "do you like me or something" and you just shake your head or say yes w.e and then even if she didnt like you before you gave her all those gifts she will like you now after you gave her gifts and then you guys can go out The End ~true story~
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