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Default Re: I Need Help With A Girl!

Originally Posted by billy View Post
dont tell her you love her or anything just give her gifts that always works with me for example give her a nice bottle of perfume and the next week buy her a neckles or a ring w.e and after a few gifts she will know you love her without you having to say it to her cuz saying it is to hard & embarrasing the last time i said it to a girl i shit my pance infront of her fo real
excuse my french i mean spanish but im serious
You don't buy expensive things like that for someone you want to go out with! If you were already dating, sure, but don't shower your crush in gifts and things- that's not the way to start a relationship. Definitely not.

The key is COMMUNICATION. Talk to her, tell her, "You know, I really like you." I know it's hard but that is the only way to get a relationship off to a good start.
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