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Exclamation Mental flip outs

My phycharatrist tihngy phsychologist says this is normal
my new counsellor says it souds scary

i have 2 things in my head, dark & light

dark fucks wif my head, saying darka dn evil things, light retorts, trying to helpies.

n every now and agian i'll have these crazy flip out mood swings.

usualy at my lovely gorgeous bf of whom i lvoes sooooo much

i wanna controls them, learn how to deal wif em

learn y?

"Smile." "But what is ther to smile about?!" "that you can smile that your alive. that you can change, help, hinder love and hate. Smile for these reasons.
Add to the list of things to smile about ^,^
1. can smile 2. alive 3. change 4. help 5. hinder 6. love
7. hate"
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