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Originally Posted by IAMSAM View Post
listen, unless he's a witch doctor, and you saw an array of shrunken heads spread out across his desk, he's not wrong! Doctors aren't wrong about this stuff, it's pretty elementary. The Tanner scales document pubertal development in boys and girls, and although there are 5 stages, number 3 isn't half way! That's because the changes are grouped based on their occurence with eachother, not by the mathematical call numbers of the stages themselves! What you described sounds like a Tanner 3.
Ghetto-Stages(puberty 101 stages) are useless because they aren't completely accurate. Tanner stages are pretty much useless as well, because there isn't a set course that everybody will go on. Even though you can classify someone as a certain stage there is no way of telling how long a person will stay in any one stage. You can guess, but that's about it.

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