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Default Re: Stressed About Height

Originally Posted by extra View Post
my mam is pretty small about 5'2/3 but my dad is about 5'10 and he is pretty big build he is a weightlifter, and my sister is only about 1 or 2 inches shorter than me.
Well, those are a lot like my genetics. Considering you're 17 already, you'll grow anywhere from 1 inch and be 5'7" up to about 4 inches bringing you to 5'10"... However, somewhere in the middle of that is the most likely. It isn't written in stone, but the most likely adult height you will have is 5'7"-5'8"... Your genetic height potential is 5'8.5", but, not everybody reaches their height potential.

In short: You'll most likely be anywhere from 5'7"-5'8.5" at age 21. Average adult male height in Canada, US and UK is only 5'9", so chin up~

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