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Default Re: Parasomnia and Insomnia?'s never really posed a problem for me either (except one night it worried my Mom when I went downstairs, i.e. used steps, in my sleep)...It just makes me reallllly tired, I think. That's the only explanation I can come up with for my restless sleep. >.> Plus, sleep-walking generally stops when you're 12...never stopped for me.

[SIZE="1"]remember when;; getting high meant swinging at the playground;; the problem about boys was cooties;; mom was your hero && dad was super man;; your worst enemies were your siblings;; race issues were about who ran the fastest ;; war was just a card game;; life was simple && carefree;; but what I remember most was;; wanting to grow up;;
Then I did...Where's the rewind button?
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