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Default I haven't cut in about two and half, almost three weeks. :/

Well, the reason I had to really stop for a while was that there was the school ball, and the week after that I was modelling as a favour to my ex's sister, who is just out of design school. :/ So yeah, needless to say, not doing so was really hard ... :{
And the past week ... I guess I just haven't thought about it much. :/
My best guy friend, who told me he liked me, is totally amazing, and we're going out now and we make each other so, so happy. *blush*
But this last day or so ... :/ I've been having thoughts about cutting and how good it used to make me feel and I think I want to do it again. >.<
Thing is, my boyfriend (above mentioned guy) is coming down for the weekend, and he's been a cutter as well, and if he sees my arms all cut up it will upset him heaps. Idk what to do ... >.< I just want to cut again, it feels like it's been too long since I last did.
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