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Default Ok this is weird

When I was 10 me an my friend will had a sleepover. We were in my house watching a movie and I brought up the Q for sex. He said ok and we did it. We cummed and he sucked my stick and I did the same to him. You know we kissed and I tried to go in the back and he said he was tired. The same thing happened to me again this time with another friend david. Now that time I went in the back and he liked it. And that was just the weirdest experiences in my life! The same stuff happened at camp from scouts. After the pool they would lock the locker room door so we could be private. I looked at my friends sticks and we you know all got erections all were sticking forword but davids was erect but it was curved so we all looked and one took pics and buried them later at night. We all sucked his stick and he cummed over everyone! I'm trying to get the stuff out of my head and I can't!
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