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Default Re: I Got alot of questions!!

There's not much you can do about stopping an erection besides concentrating on it going down (what I do) or fantasizing about something nasty to make it go down

And as far as balls sticking, I had this problem all the time. For some reason I don't know, but it's probably from sweat. Try to keep them cooler by not wearing as many pairs of pants () or something. You could also try lotion down there and see if that helps (but it probably won't)

A lot of guys adjust themselves because of that same reason. You could sticky your hand in your pocket every once-in-awhile and do that!
Thanks all your all a great help and i agree it itches ALL the time you eventually ignore it and forget about it.
If it itches all the time, you may not be taking enough showers :-s that could be causing stickyness and itchyness
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